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We have been a bit quiet the last few days, but that doesn't mean we are not busy with helping animals in need! Today…

Posted by Have-a-Heart Namibia on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Posted by Have-a-Heart Namibia on Saturday, 13 October 2018

Cat Adams – Act of Kindness

Wow, Cat Adams – Act of Kindness, you are a great little girl!

Cat is counting down the days to her birthday and this years party theme will be “Veterinarian”.

Her wish is to get lots and lots of dog and cat food to give it to the many hungry dogs and cats in Namibia  and it would be great if everyone will stand up and help her to make her dream come true! The food can be dropped at RR Importers in Windhoek or Swakopmund.

In case you are too far away but still want to be part of her great birthday wish, Cat is asking for a N$ 50 donation into the Have a Heart account with the referral “Cat Adams” – please send the proof to kattietie@gmail.com so that Cat can see how much she helps!

Cat, you are awesome!!!  

So, die countdown na Cat se birthday party het begin. Die tema wat sy die jaar gekies het is veearts.

Haar wens is ‘n hele berg katkos en hondekos. Asb help ons om haar verjaarsdag wens te laat waar word.

Dié wat graag wil help maar te ver is, maak asb ‘n N$50 donasie aan Have a Heart met Ref: Cat Adams.

Stuur asb ook proof aan ons dat ons op die einde vir haar kan se hoeveel diertjies sy kon help vir haar verjaarsdag.


Kos kan afgelewer word by RR Importers Windhoek en Swakopmund.


Thank you!

As if starting in a new town wasn’t exciting enough, today we get to say a massive thank you to Joey Blaauw for making the first donation towards Mariental’s less fortunate dogs and cats! Thank you Joey for your support!!!

Dogs and their families!

On 8 February, “The Namibian” reporter Nomhle Kangootui published a very nice article about his visit during a spay day in Rundu, we will share below the interviews he did with two of the dog owners, Antonio Jasinto and Claudia Kangwiyi:

“”LOOKING worried that his dog might not wake up, 13-year-old Antonio Jasinto said he did not know what he would do if something happened to Lion, his protector from bullies and the family’s guard against wild animals.

“He is brave, and he makes me proud that when he is not feeling well, I also do not feel well. He is my best friend and part of my family. When I grow up, I want to educate people, especially those who abuse and eat them, about the value of dogs.”

Jasinto’s dog is named Lion and he is one of about 200 dogs and cats, male and female, which were surgically sterilised in Rundu a week ago.

This is the second time that Jasinto was bringing Lion, but fellow pet lover Claudia Kangwiyi was doing so for the first time. Asked what her dog’s name was, she smiled and said “we just call him Rio”.

Rio is two years old, and although Kangwiyi is fond of him, she says Rio is a cheeky dog.

“I am worried, and hope he does not bite people. Last year, we heard that the people were coming to take our dogs to Windhoek, so I did not come. But when most people returned home with their pets, I told myself that when they return, I would be there.

“Rio is a useful dog which keeps thieves and animals away from our homesteads. If there is something wrong, he barks continuously and wakes us up,” Kangwiyi added.””


Houdini is a very clever feral cat! Up until today he managed to get the food out of the traps without getting caught… 

But today the Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay team finally got him! Yeah!

Houdini got a check up and after declared healthy he was neutered and vaccinated and will now keep on doing his job as a mice and rat terminator! Just without bothering about ladys, fights or other male cats 

And more good news: another two pet cats from Walvis Bay joined the Have a Heart Family last month as well!! 



It is time to let the cat out of the bag….

Have-a-Heart Namibia will be starting up in Mariental!! The awesome Dr Erna has agreed to help the town’s less fortunate dogs and cats on a weekly basis and we couldn’t be more thrilled! As always this is only possible with generous donations from our supporters – and we thank you all!

Anyone wanting to help Mariental’s dogs and cats can make a donation into our bank account. Every cent of every donation will be used directly on sterilisation, vaccinations and parasite control treatment.

And we just love this cute little dog house from Mariental – this is obviously a town with some very loving owners 

Henties Bay

Today was a day every single person who took part or supported the “Barking Bike Doggy Dash” fundraiser can be proud of! In Henties Bay one female cat, five male dogs and four female dogs were sterilised, vaccinated and given parasite control treatment – and sent home to start their new, healthier lives  Today was only possible because of the “Doggy Dash” – thank you all!!!

As always we thank the awesome Dr Winterbach and Nurse Sheelagh for spending their afternoon off helping Henties’ less fortunate dogs and cats.


Happy news!!!

During the month of September the Have a Heart Team in Swakopmund managed to have 18 dogs and cats operated at the Swakop Vet Clinic!!! 

Just to show you how much impact this has, have a look at the picture below….

So everyone who joins Have a Heart with any donation to keep our spay program all over Namibia going, is helping to save many lifes! Everyone who already donated or helped us with fundraising, is someone who helped to make the world a better place.

Thank you!

Swakop had a great start!

These two beautiful dogs are our first two “October Doggies”  Welcome to the Have a Heart Family!!! 

They stay in Swakopmund and the team from Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom helped with the transport to the Swakop Vet Clinic and back. Please check the Feed a Paw Project and have a look if you can support this fantastic work this team is doing!

Thank you to everyone who donated and made it possible for our October doggies to become members of the family!

Tomorrow we will post how many doggies and kitties have been lucky to get sterilised in Swakopmund during September