Walvis Feral Cats

Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay is very busy with trapping feral cats in Walvis Bay. Feral cats are a much needed work force, BUT they must not be left alone – humans have the responsibility to make sure the cats are not hungry, thirsty, cold, sick, injured or suffer – and definitely DON’T multiply!

Next time you are downtown Walvis Bay, think of the cats who are dutifully clean the streets of rats and mice at night! 🐁🐀

The Walvis Bay team is very experienced but they had a big surprise last week:

They wanted to help find a missing cat and a similar looking one had been spotted in the area. Sadly the missing cat haven’t been found yet, but they certainly didn’t expect to find three other cats inside the traps!

This clearly shows how hungry the cats are… All three cats didn’t choose this life, they are the result of unsterilised house cats!

The cats, one girl and two boys, are sterilised and this will improve their lives a lot! The female will not have to give birth to and raise kittens anymore, which is a huge relief for her! The males will not fight about territories and females any more, once their hormones have subsided in about three months.

All three can now focus on finding food and look after themselves.

Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay has already trapped, neutered and returned 35 cats in Walvis Bay this year!

Well done!

Pako Kids Magzine

We loooove the Pako Kids Magazine!

This magazine is a fantastic and informational tool for children to learn about Namibia’s nature and environment and the children love it!

Have a look and become a sponsor! Every child in Namibia deserves to be able to read the PAKO!

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Bob and Marley

Awwwww! We are in love 

Meet Bob and Marley from Mariental 

Dr Erna operated them last week (1 x spay and 1 x neuter) and they are now loved members of the Have a Heart Family 

Happy days for Bob and Marley and their responsible owners! 

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What a beautiful and loving moment between a child and a kitten! 

The picture was taken by Saskia from Cool Cats Namibia at the SPCA Windhoek.

“Teaching children to be kind to animals is our only chance for a kinder future.”

"Teaching children to be kind to animals is our only chance for a kinder future."Thank you Saskia for the lovely picture taken at SPCA Windhoek <3

Posted by Cool Cats Namibia on Monday, 20 May 2019

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This is beautiful Ombili – the Oshiwambo word for Peace!

Ombili has been castrated, vaccinated and treated against parasite to give him the best chance of a happy and healthy life and for being such a brave boy, he received a dog house from Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom.

Happy days for Ombili 

Have a Heart

Have a Heart Namibia’s mission is to substantially reduce and finally eliminate stray animals by providing spay and neuter services to underserved communities in Namibia. By providing these services in targeted areas and promoting the message of “saving lives through sterilisation”, we can reach the goal of reducing stray animals and eliminating euthanasia of animals.

Spay and neuter is cuter