Thank you!

A big Thank You goes to Brian Schaefer who earned some extra commission, but instead of putting it into his pockets, he donated the full amount towards the less fortunate dogs and cats in Namibia!

Have a Heart is fully depended on donations and we are grateful for the fantastic support the project receives and through this enabling us to help so many dogs and cats!


Windhoek – Meet the Team

Come visit us at Green Market today in Windhoek. We are selling Easter eggs, raffle tickets and our new t-shirts. All proceeds will be used for sterilization, vaccination and parasite control treatment for Namibia’s less fortunate dogs and cats

Meet the Team

Tomorrow in Windhoek and Swakopmund!

We will bring new T-Shirts, Easter Eggs, raffle tickets and much more!

Of course you are welcome to ask us any question! 


Easter Eggs

You are in Swakopmund and looking for some very special Easter Decoration?

Lots of great people in Swakopmund put over weeks a lot effort in painting eggs in many of different ways and the result is really fantastic!

But the best is, all eggs are donated towards Have a Heart and every cent of every sale goes towards Swakopmund’s less fortunate dogs and cats!

The Easter Eggs are available at Swakop Vet Clinic. Hurry, there is only a limited number available!

Henties News!

Today the monthly spay day in Henties Bay took place and Dr. Winterbach and Sheelagh managed to spay 9 dogs and neuter 6 dogs!
All 15 dogs are very welcome new members of our Have a Heart family <3
Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible to help 15 dogs from the Omdel location today! From the financial support over the energy support (food and drinks) to the hands on work! When everyone comes together a mountain can be moved!
And also a very special Thank You to the ginger cat who volunteered all day 😀 from observing the wake up area to quality control on Dr. Winterbach’s operation technique, everything had to be checked 😀

Feral Cats rule!

Fantastic News from Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay!

7 mousers added to the feral Have A Heart family 

The fate of these cats was turned around when a caring lady contacted us. She said, she didn’t know what to do, the feral cats at her work place are multiplying and becoming a problem…

Luckily we could offer a SOLUTION: Trap-Neuter-Return!
And it is really fantastic, that the lady immediately offered to put up the traps, take the cats to the vet and return them after having been sterilised. 7 out of 8 have already been sterilised!

Now the cats have a “job”, they are happy and healthy mousers.

And they proudly wear their badge: the ear tip (under anesthesia the vet cuts a tiny bit of one ear so that they can be recognized as sterilized). The cats will keep the area rat and mouse free. As a reward, they get some extra food. This is to keep them fit, they will of course still work very hard!

The cats also even got their own little house to protect them from the harsh elements in Walvis Bay. This company is looking well after their employees !

Thank you everyone for the support, generosity and kindness! The fact we can offer sterilisation for the feral cats in Walvis Bay makes a huge difference for the animals. 8 “employess” are acceppted and looked after by the company, but if the cats wouldn’t have been sterilised, by next year they would have doubled and tripled their number and that would have caused a lot of problems and suffering…

But not with Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay, this group of cats is now sterlised and very welcome to stay!