Walvis Bay!!!!

Great news from Walvis Bay!

Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay managed to raise enough funds for two full spay days last weekend! Yes!
One day took place in Narraville and one in Kuisebmund location. And, oh boy, we learned how much spay/neuter is needed and requested in both areas!!

Dr. Baines and his team from Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia operated in only two days 10 cats and 50 dogs!! Thank you so so so much for the great work!
And also thank you to every single person making it possible with a donation to help so many dogs and cats!
And of course thank you so much to every single owner for bringing their dog or cat to the clinic!
We now have 60 more loved members in our big Have a Heart Family 

But unfortunately many many many dogs and cats had to be sent away, because there was not enough time and funds to help them all  This is beyond tragic, as the owners know spay/neuter is something positive on so many levels and have Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay would like and needs to help so many more dogs and cats in need…
We would love to have more big spay days and keep on expanding the big Have a Heart Family!
So become part of something positive, change a life into a good direction with a donation today! THANK YOU!

Picture: Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia

And some male cats….

There are so many reasons why also male cats should be neutered. Except the fact that their marking smells terrible 

One important reason is the safety for the cat! We currently have spring and with it cat mating season in Namibia. As a result the Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) for example has lots of lost intact male cats being dropped off at the moment.
It’s dangerous for a male cat smelling the female cat in heat or an other male competitor, they loose all their brain and ignore any danger. They get terribly injured in fights and while crossing a road. They run and don’t remember how to get back home and die lost and alone.

This is the first part of the spring, the second part will happen in a few weeks: lot and lots of beautiful and loving kittens will need a home. Unfortunately there are as always more cute little kittens than available homes and the SPCAs will be run over by the less lucky ones who have to wait patiently for a home, but the unlucky little ones will end up homeless without a family 

PLEASE! If you love your cat, spay or neuter it!

If you would love to have kittens, PLEASE still spay or neuter your cat and adopt one or more of the many unwanted!

Or adopt the beautiful Mr. Cool or the KFC addicted Smoochie! To meet them just go to the Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA)  


Do you know how serious canine distemper can be?

Canine distemper is a highly contagious disease that can be passed through the air or transmitted through shared food or water bowls. Dogs infected with distemper develop watery, pus-like discharge from their eyes which is followed by fever, nasal discharge, coughing, lethargy and vomiting. Later on circling behaviour develops, along with head tilt, muscle twitches and convulsions, seizures and partial or complete paralysis.

The majority of dogs who suffer from distemper do not survive and those that do are left with permanent, irreparable, nervous system damage. A terrible disease, but one of the diseases every dog we sterilise is also vaccinated against. What’s more – every member of the Have-a-Heart family is provided with follow up vaccinations to ensure they have ongoing protection from distemper.

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Luderitz Town Council

We are happy to be thanking Lüderitz Town Council for a large donation that will be used to sterilise, vaccinate and give parasite control treatment to the town’s less fortunate dogs and cats! From day one the town council has been so supportive of our work in their town; from providing a driver to allowing us use of the town hall, and collaborating with us on dipping days and making educational posters, Luderitz Town Council really steps up to the plate and takes responsibility in keeping its dogs and cats happy and healthy!

The Have-a-Heart family in Luderitz is now nearly 700 animals strong and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without Luderitz Town Council! THANK YOU!

Walvis Bay!

Fantastic news!!!!

Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay was able to raise enough funds to book the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia for two days to come to Walvis Bay’s townships and help where help is needed most!!! This is simply great!!

Over the year, the Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay team sterilises cats and dogs of the less fortunate pet owners with the help of Southern Cross Veterinary Practice. This regular work is very important and we have a long waiting list, so this will of course still go on, thank you so much to Dr Bekker!

But with the work of the mobile clinic, the team will be able to give Walvis Bay’s poorer cat and dog population a big boost towards the control of the stray population and animal health! We hope to be able to get up to 60 animals operated in just two days!! 

Please join in and help us to make the biggest impact! Everything is organised, funds are our only limit… The more funds we have, the more we can help! We would hate to send animals in urgent need of sterilisation away, only because we have no funds available, during the two extra days but also during the next weeks and months…

Every cent of every donation is spent entirely on sterilisation, vaccination and parasite control treatment. Please join us in stopping unwanted breeding in Walvis Bay and Namibia and the ending the dumping of defenseless animals.

Bank Details:
Have A Heart Walvis Bay
Bank Windhoek
Account # 800 490 4562
Branch number 481 872
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Great, great, great news! Recently 19 dogs and cats became members of the Have-a-Heart Keetmanshoop family  Keetmanshoop is a big town with many, many dogs and cats in need of help. Have-a-Heart Keetmanshoop and Angie Dunn stepped up and made sure these 19 lucky animals are now lifelong members of our family. And the great news doesn’t stop there! Thanks to Animal-Kind International 35 ‘old customers’ were seen for their follow up vaccinations 

Thanks as always to the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia for making this possible

Photo: Sharon Baines