Swakopmund April

April has been again a very successful month for a lot of doggies and kitties in Swakopmund!
We were able to welcome a total of 28 dogs and cats into the Have a Heart family and we love it! 

Thank you so much again to everyone who donated and made this help possible, thank you so much to Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom, for choosing the ones most in need!

Every single sterilisation operation saves lives – please support the Have a Heart project!


May Spay Day in Henties Bay

Yesterday afternoon four cats and seven dogs joined the Have-a-Heart family after receiving their life-changing sterilisation operation!! Dr Winterbach and Sheelagh spent an afternoon off helping the less fortunate but much loved pets – and we are so thankful for this. A big thanks also to Feed a Paw Project and Madelaine Strydom, for everything they do for Henties township dogs and cats!!

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Mange in Henties Bay

Today it’s time for the next spay day afternoon with Have a Heart Henties Bay!
Henties Bay townships have a huge problem with not only too many, many unwanted dogs (sterilisation is the ONLY humane long term solution!), lots of dogs struggle with mange 
Mange is a little bug in the skin of the dog, usually depressed by a dogs immune system. But in case the dog gets sick or reproduces or has to feed puppies, the immune system is too busy to keep the mange bugs under control and they can multiply. This causes a terrible itching; the dogs keep on scratching, breaking the skin and because the immune system is already down and the constant itching costs the dogs a lot of energy, secondary infections can act up and untreated all together can cause a terrible and slow (over a month) death.

When Have a Heart sterilises a dog it will not only be treated against external parasites, but also because the dogs don’t have to reproduce anymore, the body/immune system has more energy to heal ad fight against mange, usually the dog is healthy very soon and after only a few weeks, all hair has grown back 

Please support Have a Heart Henties Bay as there are still many many loved but less fortunate dogs that need help and Thank you so much to Dr. Winterbach for spending his afternoon off to help!

Thank you so much to everyone who donates and makes all the help possible!!!

Omitara Spay

Yesterday was the third and final day of our spay trip and what a day it was in Omitara. A great total of 31 dogs and cats were sterilised and vaccinated! This brings the trip total to 95 new members of the Have-a-Heart family, plus 30 old customers brought for a check up. Thanks to all of our sponsors for making our work possible and thank you to the Mobile Animal Clinic of Baines VetCare CC for being available to us.

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Drimiopsis Spay Day

Today the very first spay day ever happened in Drimiopsis, and we are so happy to announce: today was a great success!

We met a lot of caring dog and cat owners with their loved animals and Dr. Baines managed to sterilised 7 cats and 29 dogs!!

All of them of course received the important parasite treatment and their vaccination from Sheelagh.

We are happy about our 36 new family members and say again a big big THANK YOU to every single person supporting the Have a Heart Project! Without YOUR support we wouldn’t be able to offer any help to the dogs and cats of Dimiopsis!


Today is world Vet Day!

Today is world Vet Day!

Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, a rabbit person or a horse person, there’s one thing all animal lovers can agree on; the fantastic work carried out by veterinarians.

And everyone who supports Have-a-Heart is beyond thankful, how much our Namibian vets do for the Have-a-Heart dogs and cats! We appreciate every single minute our vets spend to help Namibia’s less fortunate dogs and cats, who, without the dedication each vet (along with a support network of volunteers) has towards animals, never would have a chance to receive veterinary care. It really means a lot to all of us and it is a fact: this work helps to make the world a better place!

Originally we wanted to thank each and every vet who is helping Namibia’s township animals, but there are so many great men and women helping, we were a bit afraid to forget someone…

Being a vet is a hard job, they love animals, they try to help, but they are also “only a human’, so please take the following to heart:

“Your veterinarian works hard, long hours. Every week is hard because he or she has probably had to put down two or three animals along the way. Your vet probably carries a lot of school debt, too, and may not do much other than work and sleep.
If you care about your vet, be a friend. Don’t be a difficult client. Don’t expect free treatment. Your veterinarian got into this business for the love of animals. You probably have that in common. Show some caring and compassion for your vet, just as your vet shows caring and compassion for your furry friends. Your heartfelt thanks might come at just the right moment. You never know.

Read full article here: https://www.care2.com/…/why-is-the-suicide-rate-for-veterin…

So, on this special day, why not raise a paw, hoof or claw to say THANK YOU to our veterinarians?
Yes, we will, and we will also say it over and over again: THANK YOU!! All of you are heros!

Next Trip!!

We will be hitting the road again at the start of May! Spay days will be held in Witvlei, Omitara and Drimiopsis – we really can’t wait to welcome more dogs and cats into our Have-a-Heart family and at the same time check up on our ‘old customers’.
Now isn’t that something to smile about?!? 

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Monday Morning in Swakopmund…

What a great way to start the new week:

Today is beautiful Mariaan and Jessie’s big day. Both will be sterilised, vaccinated and treated against parasites at Swakop Vet Clinic.
Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine StrydomMichelle Strydom and Otto picked Mariaan and Jessie up early this morning and dropped them off at the clinic. They are currently having their operation and soon after the recovery they will be back home to start their new life!
Happy days for Mariaan and Jessie and THANK YOU to everyone supporting this two girls! 


Loved Dog!!

This cute doggy has been on the waiting list for the last spay day in Henties Bay. A day before the spay day, her owner got the message to bring the dog the next day at 12 pm for his sterilisation, vaccination and parasite control.
But this young man wanted to make sure that his dog gets spayed and treated against parasites (she has a little bit of mange), he showed up at 11 am and waited patiently.
This is what we love to support: commitment and responsibility towards yourdog! Way to go!