Thank you!

A big big Thank You goes to Ginger who joined in and donated in the name of her dogs Fraulein, Sassy, Misha, Duke, Smokey and Rascal 

Ginger wants to improve the life of the less fortunate dogs and cats in Namibia and this is what we promise and do on a daily basis!

Thank you so much Ginger for your support! It’s very much appreciated! 

Beautiful Day <3

Another three lucky dogs becoming part of the Have-a-Heart & Feed A Paw family! This is what we can achieve with your support, these are real lives YOU are changing. Thanks to everyone supporting us and Feed a Paw and making this happen 



Today is the day Sussie is healthy enough to go back home 

Her wounds look great and she can’t wait to be back home with her family. Luckily her eye will be fine, no operation is needed.

We would like to say again a big THANK YOU to everyone who was there for Sussie when she needed help. From her owner who went out of his way to get help for her, over Animal-Kind International who made sure there will be funds for Sussie’s treatment to the team at Swakop Vet Clinic who madesure Sussie gets all the care needed!

But also a big THANK YOU goes to Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA), who immediately offered help and a place to stay for Sussie if needed  Sussie just didn’t move to the Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA)because the Vet Clinic team fell in love with her and enjoyed every minute having her around 

And not to forget the Feed a Paw Project team who made sure Sussie’s brother Fire got a new dog house (it was also lost in the fire), blanket and a bag of food!

And last but not least we would like to mention Lenny from Shoe Lovers Shoe Cleaners Swakop, who not only helped to build a new house and shaded area for Sussie (so that her skin is protected from the sun) but also made a big effort and organised for Sussie’s family the rebuilding of one of the rooms they lost in the fire. For this he got wood donated from The Workbench in Swakopmund, CTM and a local woodmarket.

Thank you so so much to every single person helping Sussie and her family after the terrible fire!!!  

Second Day in Outjo

Yesterday “Have a Heart OUTJO” was able to welcome another 17 dogs and cats to the Have a Heart Family! Thank you so much again to everyone who made it possible for the dogs and cats to experience this life changing day!

And of course we love to hear from old customers! Yesterday 18 dogs and cats have come to see the team for a check up and parasite treatment, thanks to Animal-Kind International we are able to offer this for our communities so important follow up treatment against internal and external parasites! Parasite treatment does not only help the animal to stay healthy, it also helps the humans – especially children!

Thank you Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia and team for the great work done in Outjo! 

Have a Heart Outjo

Great work being done with “Have a Heart Outjo” and the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia! Yesterday Dr Baines sterilised 27 dogs and cats in Outjo’s township!

Every single one is of course now also vaccinated, treated against parasites, went home with a meal (Thank you so much again to everyone who donated food!) and with a Pako Kids Magazine!

17 old customers came to the clinic for check up and parasite treatment  

Thank you so much to everyone who supports Have-a-Heart Namibia and making it possible for us to help so many dogs and cats! Thank you to the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia, Dr. Baines and his team, for being available and the great work done and thank you to Pako Kids Magazine!

Today is the second spay day in Outjo!

Boelie and Jamaika

Boelie and Jamaika are two of our many old customers <3

Great to see two of the Have-a-Heart – Feed A Paw family looking so great! Thank you to the awesome Feed A Paw team for looking after these handsome big boys!


Spanner in Swakopmund

Great news from Swakopmund:

Meet beautiful Spanner! 

He was one of the two dogs and one cat that has been sterilised yesterday in Swakopmund.

Spanner is currently receiving his 6-week-mange treatment through the awesome Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom. After his sterilisation Spanner stayed for a night at the Vet Clinic and will go back home today.

Mange is a terrible sickness, it takes a lot of energy out of the dog, they feel terrible and loose a lot of weight. The dogs itch non stop, scratch themselves until blood is running and they can’t sleep… 

Mange loves the climate in Namibia’s coast towns, but it usually breaks out when the dog’s immune system is “busy”, e.g. with a pregnancy, a cold or stress.

But we saw it many, many times:
There is no need in finding a different home or changing the dog’s diet, as soon as the dogs are sterilised (this reduces stress a lot) and they receive treatment against the mange, it usually only takes 4 weeks and the dog is back to 100 % health with beautiful hair 

Thank you so much to the Feed a Paw Project for looking after Spanner and Thank you so much to everyone who supports Have a Heart, Feed a Paw and/or Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) in Swakopmund! With YOUR support those three projects do fantastic work – every day – to make the world a better place! 

Animal-Kind International

Did you know our long-term partner Animal-Kind International supports several animal welfare groups in Namibia? Apart from Have-a-Heart Namibia, they provide financial support (and important motivational and moral support) to the Katatura Pet Care and Feeding Program, the Aranos Spay/Neuter program and the ‘rural’ SPCAs!

We are so happy to see so many non-profit organisations in Namibia working towards one common goal; to make Namibia a safe, happy and healthy place for pets.

New Family Member in Swakopmund

This two beautiful doggies were sterilised yesterday in Swakopmund at the Vet Clinic.

Thank you so much Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom for choosing the two for their operation, vaccination and parasite treatment. The young guy on the right picture needs to gain a bit of weight, but this is usually happens when the dogs are neutered.

The Feed a Paw Project will check on him and in case he needs anything we are there to help, as he is now a very welcome member of the Have a Heart and Feed a Paw family