Raffie and Babatjie are two of the dogs we have met during our last vaccination and education campaign in Swakopmund.

When Dr. Maya did a check up on this two beautiful girls, she confirmed that they have TVT 
Transmissible Venereal Tumor, or TVT, is a naturally occurring tumor that is sexually transmitted from one dog to another.

TVT is one of the many reasons why spay and neuter is so important! A dog can NOT get TVT when it is spayed or neutered BEFORE getting on heat for the first time or being interested in female dogs!

It is a deadly sickness, but luckily it can be treated very easy.

This two girls have been sterilised with YOUR support at the Swakop Vet Clinic two days ago and because we committed to keep “our dogs” healthy, they will from now on receive once a week TVT treatment (4 – 6 weeks) until they are back to health again 

Thank you to everyone who helped with a donation that Raffie and Babatjie and all the other Have a Heart dogs and cats can live a happy and healthy life and thank you Feed a Paw Project in Swakopmund for making sure Raffie and Babatjie will keep their vet appointments 


Have-a-Heart Karibib had two very successful spay days in Karibib and Usakos last weekend – 69 more animals are now part of the Have a Heart family!

One big part in being able to offer the “full service” (spay/neuter, vaccination, parasite treatment etc.) is of course FUNDRAISING.

Without funds, non of the help we offer for free to the less fortunate dogs and cats and their owners would be possible.
And everyone is welcome to help and do it 

In Karibib a group of great young ladies teamed up and is doing absolute amazing work for their community! Our respect goes to the M.A.D. (Make a Difference) Girl Power Club from Karibib Private School!! THANK YOU!

>> I would like to introduce you to the M. A. D. (Make a difference) Girl Power Club from Karibib Private School who have made it their mission this year to raise funds for the feral cats being fed by Juliet Thal so we can have them all fixed. On Sunday they handed over the first N$ 1000.00 raised by the club to the Have-A-Heart Spay and Neuter Project and we managed to fix three feral cats.

Thank you so much for your support and for looking after the feral cats. You are leading by example!

If anybody wants to assist with the feral cats please contact Have-a-Heart Karibib and I will put you in touch with this group of powerful ladies. Well done! <<

Reggy and Promise

Yesterday in Uis we had the pleasure of helping Promise and her young owner Reggy. Reggy patiently waited for more than three hours until it was Promise’s turn for her sterilisation operation. The entire time Reggy cuddled Promise, who gave lots of kisses in return.

Promise was just one of the 35 animals to receive their sterilisation, vaccination and parasite treatment in Uis. Today we are in Usakos.

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Yesterday we welcomed another 23 dogs and 11 cats into the Have-a-Heart family, when the Mobile Animal Clinic spent the day in Khorixas township. As usual, it was great to see the demand for another services was high.

We would like to thank Gondwana Collection Namibia for the sponsored accommodation and vet student Anri Krugel from Onderstepoort, Pretoria for assisting. Today we are in Uis to sterilise, vaccinate and give parasite control treatment to more dogs and cats in need.

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First Spay Trip 2018

We are happy to announce our first spay trip for 2018 will take place from 18th – 21st January, where the Mobile Animal Clinic will be stopping at Khorixas, Uis, Usakos and Karbib in a collaboration with Have-a-Heart Karibib. If that wasn’t enough, the team will join HaveaHeart Rundu from 25th-30th January to sterilise and vaccinate dogs and cats in Rundu! Anyone wanting to donate to help on this trip can do so using the bank details pinned to the top of our Facebook page 

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Follow up check and parasite treatment in Swakopmund – Day 2

Due to the fact we only had our very first parasite control/booster vaccination/education day yesterday, we didn’t really know what to expect today. We decided to start at 9 am, so we will probably be able to finish before 12? That’s what we thought, but oh boy – we were so wrong 

This is what happened today (and we are so so thankful about it!):

– when we arrived a bit after 9, more than 30 dogs were already waiting for us

– we stopped working at 5 pm, meaning Dr Maya and the Have a Heart team as well as the Feed a Paw Project Team worked 8 hours straight without a break!!

– a whooping 229 dogs and 1 cat came to see Dr Maya today!!

– all of them received of course parasite treatment

– 50 of the dogs who have been sterilised with us during the last few years were due for and received follow up vaccination

– 4 dogs will have to go to the vet clinic tomorrow: one needs antibiotics for a wound, one dog needs to be checked for tick bite fever and two for a general check up as they didn’t look good and the owners were very worried (please consider a donation at the Swakop Vet Clinic towards the Feed a Paw Project account)

– 4 dogs will from now on receive mange treatment with the Feed a Paw Project and Dr Saskia once a week until all hair is back 

– we handed out 50 PAKO kids magazine for the children, thank you so much Pako Kids Magazine and Pako Clever Kids

Overall we can’t stop being happy about the fact we have met so many caring dog and cat owners toady! Thank you so much to everyone who supports this work with a donation!!!



Follow up check and parasite treatment in Swakopmund – Day 1

What a fantastic afternoon! A whooping 146 dogs came to see Dr Maya for check up today, all of them received parasite treatment! 18 of our “old customers” (sterilisted via Have a Heart) were due for booster vaccination. Three dogs got treated for mange and four dogs will have to get TVT treatment from next week on wards at the Swakop Vet Clinic. One little girl was too sick to get any injection but she will be treated tomorrow at the Swakop Vet Clinic and hopefully feel better soon. All in all we are beyond happy to be able to help so many caring owners to keep their dogs healthy!
Thank you so much Feed a Paw Project for organising everything!
Tomorrow will be our second day